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BBM for Windows Phone arriving this July, John Chen confirmsTechie News

Photos app for OS X Yosemite The sender and recipient have unique encryption and signing keys which are generated on the device by the FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic library, and are controlled by the enterprise. A Triple DES 168-bit BBM scrambling key encrypts messages on the senders smartphone, and is used to authenticate and decrypt messages on the recipients phone. download app bbm This kind of protection is pretty hi-tech, making it very difficult for anyone to decode an entire conversation. Further to this, the service ensures user privacy as at no time, the keys are stored within the BlackBerry infrastructure as BBM and BlackBerry are not involved in brokering the key exchanges. Moreover, BBM Protected allows users to communicate securely with colleagues and chat with friends and family from the same app. It also allows flexibility of chat protection between BlackBerry users on different enterprise services. All BlackBerry phones running BBOS 6.0 or later as well as handsets running BlackBerry 10 in Regulated mode have access to the BBM Protected.
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BBM for Windows Phone release by end of July confirmed » Phone Reviews

BBM for Windows Phone release by end of July confirmed After months of speculation, BlackBerry confirmed in February that BBM for Windows Phone will arrive this year but kept the specifics to itself. Now, during the company’s earnings call Thursday, CEO John Chen dropped the news of the BBM coming to the third most popular mobile OS this July. BBM, which was long exclusive to BlackBerry devices only, was downloaded more than 10 million times in the first 24 hours of its availability for Android and iOS in October 2013. The app, like other messaging apps, allows users to share messages, photos, videos and other files with friends on the app. But BBM does not sync itself with the device’s contacts as it requires a unique BBM pin or a QR code to build contacts. Post July, Windows Phone will be the fourth platform BBM will be available on after BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android. The company recently updated its iOS and Android versions of the app with free calling among BBM users. As the details of the Windows Phone version of the app are pretty thin, it is hard to speculate the features.
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BlackBerry Confirms BBM For Windows Phone In July : News : Headlines & Global News

BlackBerry Confirms BBM For Windows Phone In July BBM, which was a BlackBerry exclusive for a long period of time, saw an iOS and Android launch last year with over 10 million downloads in just 24 hours. BlackBerry confirmed earlier this year that it will be launching the messenger on Windows Phone, but the timeframe given at the time was rather too vague as it said that BBM for Windows Phone will launch sometime this summer. BBM is already preloaded on Lumia 630 ( as per poster leaks ), which has been launched in Europe, and this showed off clear signs of an imminent launch in very near future. BlackBerry isnt going to quip BBM for Windows Phone with all the features available on other platforms and this can be deduced from the manner in which it rolled out new features to BBM for iPhone and Android. At launch BBM for Windows Phone is expected to have Chats & Emoticons, Personalisation options, Stickers, BBM Groups and subsequent updates could bring in BBM channels, BBM Voice and Find Friends features. Tags
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Many fans of the Windows Phone platform have been hoping for a BBM app arrival for some time, and at the end of February BlackBerry officially stated that the WP version was in the pipeline. In late March BlackBerry CEO John Chen then announced that the BBM Windows Phone app would appear in the companys fiscal Q2, giving a time frame of between May and July. There had since been no news of the apps release until earlier this month when we saw signs that it could be nearer to arrival. However BlackBerry CEO John Chen has now made another announcement to verify that the app is on target for the original time that was set. A specific date has not been given, but at least we know that the app will arrive on the Windows Phone Store by the end of July, and of course it could always appear sooner than that. Its not yet known if the BBM Windows Phone app will offer all of the same functionality and features of the Android and iOS versions, but it wont be too much longer until we find out!
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BBM: 160 Million Registered, 85 Million Active Per Month | Ubergizmo

So with BBM now available on more platforms, how is the messaging app doing? Well according to BlackBerrys CEO, John Chen, he revealed during the companys recent earnings call that BBM now had 160 million registered users across the board, with about 85 million active users a month, 50 million of which are BlackBerry users, which is actually pretty impressive. That number is also expected to rise to 100 million active users when BBM for Windows Phone is released, which for now has been pegged for July. Its actually a bit disconcerting to think that out of the total registered users, only half are active. Were not sure why this is or what it means, but it could be a sign that perhaps not many users are particularly engaged enough to make BBM their primary messaging application. To put it into perspective, other messaging platforms like WhatsApp currently has half a billion active users , probably more now since that was reported two months ago. Another messaging app from China, WeChat, has reported several months ago that it had 355 million active users with 1 million signups per day, so safe to say that BlackBerry still has a long way to go before it can catchup.
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