Unleashes ‘pet Rescue Saga’ Onto Mobile Devices

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Pet Rescue Saga on Facebook is more about thinking than clicking

The screen will lower, cutting off the top blocks and removing them from your potential score sheet. But it’s not necessarily the blocks that you’ll need to worry about. The game is called Pet Rescue Saga and that’s for a reason: plenty of levels are adorned with fluffy pups, kitty cats, pigs, pigeons and more. It’s your job – depending on the level – to rescue these innocents by freeing their path to the base of the level. Many levels depend on it – “rescue seven pets” for example – where if too many pets are culled from a lowering screen or you lack the proficiency to get blocks matching up to free their path then, boom, it’s game over, one life lost. As per Candy Crush, Pet Rescue relies on the familiar five lives theory.
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App of the day: Pet Rescue Saga review (iPhone) – Pocket-lint

Want Cardboard? Here’s how to make (or buy) Google’s DIY VR headset at home Currently one of the top 10 games on Facebook , Pet Rescue Saga prompts players to destroy colored boxes on screen by placing three or more of the same color into groups in order to rescue pets trapped within the multicolored block structure. SEE ALSO: 10 Best Cross-Platform Multiplayer Mobile Games The mobile version of the game will launch with 72 levels, with more to follow in papa pear saga game free future updates. Much like Kings other games, gameplay will sync across mobile devices as well tải opera mini cho windows phone as Facebook. That means current Pet Rescue Saga players can download the game on their mobile device and pick up right where they left off on Facebook. Your virtual goods will also sync across devices. King launched its first game on Facebook, Bubble Witch Saga, in April 2012. It quickly rose to the top of the Facebook gaming charts.
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King’s Pet Rescue Saga rockets to #3 on the free iOS charts

pet-rescue-saga-graph-650 Since squares won’t regenerate, each level becomes more about strategy than speed, as players that use forethought and planning will be able to destroy far more blocks and therefore earn far more points than those that frantically click on matches as they see them. Each level has a pair of goals, like those that ask you to earn a certain number of points, rescue a specific number of pets or clear a certain percentage of the blocks on the board, and while these are fairly easy to complete, earning all three stars on a stage isn’t. There’s a great deal of replayability here, as you can continue to retry levels until you earn all three stars on each stage and eventually decide to continue on. Later stages unlock power-ups like a rocket that can clear out an entire row or a hammer that can destroy a single block that’s preventing you from completing a free download papa pear saga stage. Levels layouts also become more complex and difficult to clear, with obstacles that prevent some blocks from falling or touching. While this overall gameplay setup of destroying as many blocks as possible in a single stage definitely isn’t new, it’s these additions of power-ups and obstacles, the ability to replay levels, and the overall colorful, beautiful graphics that really make Pet Rescue Saga stand out. If you’ve yet to try Pet Rescue Saga on Facebook, you can now jump in with the game’s over 1 million monthly players for free.
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King’s ‘Pet Rescue Saga’ Launches on Mobile

First released on iOS on June 12, Pet Rescue Saga had fallen as low as 106 on the top free apps chart on iTunes, as of July 23. The game then began skyrocketing towards its current position. Weve reached out to King for more details regarding the trigger for the games sudden growth, and will update this space when we learn more. Pet Rescue Saga was first released on Facebook in Fall 2012. The game asks players to click on groups of two or more matching tiles to lower pets to the bottom of the game board, where they are collected and points are earned. Speaking with Inside Social Games, Kings CMO Alex Dale commented on the games growth: Pet Rescue Saga launched on mobile just over a month ago and continues to grow. We feel much of this growth is due to it being a great snackable or bite-sized game ideal for when you are commuting, waiting in line or simply taking a break. Also, given Pet Rescue Saga is available across multiple platforms, users can play from their desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets whenever and wherever they want. Pet Rescue Saga is currently the #4 game on Facebook with 27 million monthly active players.
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